What more can we be doing to safeguard consignments and reduce risk?

Strapping down cargo

Strapping down cargo offers excellent security and protection, but if the floor surface of the vehicle allows loads to move it will add unnecessary strain to the load security.

In almost all cases, movement can be eliminated and the risk of security breaches can be removed with the use of friction matting.

Friction matting is very commonly used on the continent, with many carriers using black rubber matting to significantly impact the risks of friction in transit. It can, though, be expensive and is often single use which means the concept of friction matting has met with resistance in UK haulage. 

Hauliers and manufacturers running their own fleets are keen to maintain their safety standards and level of customer service but naturally do not want to take on additional costs if it means they become less competitive. 

As hauliers get more creative in facing various transportation and fuel hurdles that current market conditions are presenting, they may for example, move to XL curtainsiders to run larger, less frequent shipments. 

But they need to ensure they are meeting the compliance requirements of EN 12642-XL which Richard Owens from Don-Bur said “are pushing things towards the area of non-compliance”. (Roadway, July 2022)

With ever more valuable loads, additional security is advantageous if not essential.

At the time of writing, DVSA and HSE do not mandate friction matting in the UK, although it is an accepted best practice. 

In answer to this, innovative companies are developing new products to support hauliers – by offering the benefits of friction matting in an easier to deploy, less messy and more economical way. 

Introducing LOADSTOPTM – anti-slip truck liner

The pressures on freight operators is huge and there are practical, operational, compliance and commercial drivers to every decision made. Whilst there are already lots of ways for operators to safely secure and deliver their cargo, operators working at scale at the top of the industry or those looking to differentiate on service may want more. 

Hauliers and vehicle operators who particularly prize their brand reputation, are looking to maintain their high levels of customer satisfaction and are always seeking a competitive advantage. 

LOADSTOPTM is one of a new breed of load security products designed to work in conjunction with existing methods to eliminate load movement in transit by specifically targeting friction on the truck bed.

A truck liner paper with a water based anti-slip acrylic coating made from 100% recyclable content, LOADSTOP provides excellent grip to eliminate movement in transit, delivering high coefficient of friction – static 1.4/ dynamic 1.1

As a paper product with a thickness of only 0.24mm (240 microns), LOADSTOP is both exceptionally easy to cut and fit and adds almost no more weight compared to rubber friction matting alternatives. The product is supplied in roll form which means it can be easily rolled out and cut to fit before loading your goods. 

LOADSTOP also has excellent waterproof qualities allowing it to protect cargo from damp when loaded directly onto the trailer floor and protect against splashes during wet weather if any of the trailer boards are damaged.

LOADSTOP is recyclable and should be recycled with paper products at the end of the journey. It is most effective for securing paper reels and board, and palletised goods.


Products like LOADSTOP can help to improve existing load security and by adding this simple friction solution, and working towards zero percent cargo slippage in transit, it will give a positive impact and a good impression to customers.

LOADSTOP has been devised by Packaging Products (Coatings) Ltd, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of non slip pallet liners, waterproof paper and board serving a wide range of industries home and abroad. The company based in Manchester has origins in paper and packaging dating back to 1841 and is based on the same site as when it was founded.

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