What is the possible impact of insecure cargo on the freight security supply chain?

freight security supply chain

Cargo slipping in transit and potentially being spilled from the vehicle is a huge and expensive problem. It can cause lengthy road closures and require remedial work impacting thousands of individual businesses and write-off products worth £100,000s in extreme cases.

There are big penalties possible in the event of accidents during transit. And consideration must be given to international freight transportation as there are rules when it comes to import and export on the continent. In Germany and other markets for example, consignors are responsible if dropped cargo leads to autobahn closures. 

But it isn’t just about the safe transit of goods. There are other factors including driver safety and risk mitigation of falls from height, vehicle and pedestrian collision. And anything transported on a public highway in the UK must be loaded and secured to ensure 100% of its weight is prevented from moving forward and so at most 50% of its weight can move to the side or rear. 

[Box out] What’s the impact of insecure cargo on your business?

  •  What is the cost of a spoiled consignment?
  •  What is your liability to your customer?
  •  Are you keeping your drivers safe?
  •  Are you keeping the public safe?

How are we securing cargo right now?

The “Code of Practice: Safety of loads on vehicles” identifies a number of options for vehicle operators to draw on to ensure they are securing their loads appropriately and within legal frameworks.

Ratchet straps are an integral part of all load security systems. They offer great flexibility and can be used to secure a variety of loads. The effectiveness of straps depends on the lashing method chosen. Ratchet straps need to be checked regularly though as they can be vulnerable to damage from sharp or abrasive edges, weather ingress and chemical ingress, such as oil, and dirt.

Gaps on the truck bed can be filled using blocks or dunnage.

Hanging black buckle straps and nets on roof rails are used specifically on curtainsiders to secure individual loads or stacks weighing less than 400kg. Where the load bed isn’t full, ratchet straps need to be used too. Buckle straps are not as strong as other methods and are best recommended as a fall back to other methods.

Ultimately, how load consignors and hauliers get to the required standard is up to them, to suit their operational requirements and take consideration of the risks.

[New] Solutions shortlist

Tick off what you’re currently using 

▢ Positive fit method

▢ Webbing ratchet straps

▢ Lashing

▢ Chains

▢ Sheeting / netting

▢ Buckle straps

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